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It all began with Late Blooming Daisy

Updated: Jan 20, 2019

My connection to the healing power within plants began the summer of 2013, when I was diagnosed with breast cancer. My doctors recommended surgery, chemotherapy, radiation, followed by hormone therapy for a minimum of 5 years. I knew it wasn't going to be an easy road, and that even if I survived the cancer, the treatments are so aggressive that what saves you can also kill you, even many years later. Regaining vitality after chemical and nuclear warfare on the body has been a long journey, and plants have helped my healing in so many ways.

That summer of 2013, I sought refuge in my garden, and my heart went out to my late blooming Daisy whose leaves kept getting devoured by ravenous insects. More green healthy leaves kept sprouting above the devastation, time and time again, all summer long. She was a kindred spirit to me that summer as I recovered from my surgery and started chemotherapy, and I became amazed at the resilience of my own body, as I admired her fortitude.

In mid- October, when most of my plants had long surrendered, on the nearly leafless twisted stem of my late blooming Daisy, emerged a victorious flower, a center of sunshine surrounded by snow white petals. A true champion over adversity, a survivor thriving, "See", she whispered to me, "you can do it, too". We truly are kindred spirits, my late blooming Daisy and I. Sometimes it takes a life of struggle to wake you up to the wonders of nature that have been right in your own backyard all along. It's never too late to connect with the abundant gifts that nature offers, and it all begins with just noticing. So that's why my blog is called Late Blooming Daisy, to honor the plant who showed me the way, and also because I now see myself as a late blooming Daisy, at the age of 60, finally blooming into who I was born to be.

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