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Lessons from the Garden

Updated: Jan 20, 2019

Plants know the way

Watch them to transform

Slow down,




Stop searching far and wide.

Open to possibility…

What if everything you need to heal is right in your own backyard?

Take the time to smell the lilacs while you can;

nothing lasts forever, but memories bring comfort

Be Pansy: Be present. Show up early and stay late.

Be Calendula: Capture the sunshine and just keep blooming.

Be Yarrow growing in the rocks: Use your struggles to make powerful medicine.

Be the late blooming Daisy: Persevere. Let stress build Resilience. Rise and shine. Dare to be beautiful.

Be Goldenrod: Gather the abundance that surrounds you, savor, and give gratitude. Remember.

Stop always trying to be the bee,

stuffing your little red pollen pants,

maybe you’re Tulsi

Instead of bee-ing;



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